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Görkem Türk

Founding Partner

Volkan Özen

Senior Associate

The biggest wins are born out of the biggest challenges. Founded and backed by industry’s highflyers, Laton is a winner by nature, always on the move to unlock the next level. It takes one to know one – we only add a new member to our pack of serial achievers when we spot true potential; and boldly utilising our network, know-how and experience, we make sure nothing can stop us levelling up together.

Laton Principles

We want to reach for the uncharted and unlock new horizons along with our partners!

Early-stage investing

Using its profound industry expertise, Laton primarily invests in pre-seed and seed stages only the best of best to walk with.

Hands-on operational support

Laton boasts many successful seasoned & well connected gaming startup founders as its investors, who will also operate as mentors in key areas such as game design, product management, marketing (user acquisition) to the aspiring startups in its portfolio.

Strong collaboration

Strong ties with the gaming ecosystem and players thanks to vast experience. 

Global outreach

With location agnostic approach, Laton invests in gaming content, services and infrastructure teams all over the world.

Founded and backed by the industry’s highflyers, Laton is well-equipped to provide financial and operational support to gaming teams with its extensive network and know-how. By utilizing our vast experience, we are ready to elevate with our partner together to reach the top.

We invest in ground-breaking gaming companies and tools & services around gaming industry.


Reach for the uncharted and unlock new horizons together.

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